Basking [verb]

Definition of Basking:

lie in sunlight

Synonyms of Basking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Basking:



Sentence/Example of Basking:

Although voted off the show, she jokingly refused to leave, basking in a standing ovation from the live audience.

It blooms between late April and June, but it gets hot in the Sonoran Desert then, so go in January to encounter fewer people and bask in the 65-degree daytime temperatures.

He had his rally playlist cranked all the way up during his farewell at Joint Base Andrews, where his family appeared in the crowd, basking in Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” one last time.

That should be as concerning as it is exciting, but for now, the sport will bask in this soap-opera interest.

As one of the last remaining links to Hollywood’s Golden Age, the statuesque beauty could easily retire and bask in the laurels and post-career honors that would come her way.

A cheerful fire was roaring up the great chimney, and she was literally basking in the warmth the ruddy blaze diffused around.

East End, the fashionable residence quarter of Pittsburgh, lies basking in the afternoon sun.

In the shallow water near the shore he could see several small fish basking just below the surface.

Along the beach men were either bathing or basking mother-naked on the hot sand—enjoying themselves thoroughly.

Basking in peace in the warm spring sun, South Hill smiled upon Burlington.