Basks [verb]

Definition of Basks:

lie in sunlight

Synonyms of Basks:

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Sentence/Example of Basks:

The animals spend five hours a day grazing on grasses and the rest of their time basking in the cool waters of the Magdalena River and surrounding lakes.

For those times when you just want to sit back and bask in the highest-quality resolution and the most immersive sound, you need to pick your hardware carefully.

Spas and bathhouses were but a memory this year, but you can bask in hot hugs from the comfort of your own home.

In “The Bracebridge Dinner,” as everyone comes to the Independence Inn for an aggressively historically inaccurate “period dinner,” we get to bask in the feeling of being part of this community.

Although few things are more pleasurable than basking on granite slabs after a polar plunge in the High Sierra, the dapples on my shoulders from years of sun exposure indicate that I should do otherwise.

And there, they say, two bright and agéd snakes Who once were brigadiers of infantry Bask in the sun.

We will bask in the warmth of a cheerful blaze this evening, and toast our toes before the glowing coals.

After his exertions in the rain and mud, it was delightful to bask in warmth and comfort and rest his aching limbs.

When she came to the room where she had left him she found no chance to “bask.”

He knew they had seen him disappearing and, airman like, they would remain awhile to bask in the sunlight and "dry off."