Bass [adjective]

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Built-in USB C chargers allow you to power your phone or laptop, and 2 10-watt speakers with extra bass keep things sounding good.

Baauer’s song starts with a 15-second intro, a bass drop, then 15 seconds with the bass, and a lion roar at the end of the first 30 seconds.

From the prehistoric-looking alligator gar to the ubiquitous smallmouth bass, there are dozens of popular freshwater fish native to the United States.

Longer and thicker strings produce lower pitches, which we hear as bass notes.

He loves to sing and plays the piano, guitar, banjo, mandolin and bass.

Tony's stool was nearer to the bass keys of the piano, while the sofa Lettice lay upon had certainly been drawn up towards him.

The melody or tune is played on one of the pipes furnished with holes for the purpose, while the other three give a drone, bass.

The chief reason is that g is the top note of the string bass, and is called for in orchestral transcriptions.

Mr. Betts, of London, had one for which he refused the enormous sum of £500, and Dragonetti also refused £800 for a double bass.

According to his plan a "Suitable Bass" tablet is provided just above the rear end of the black keys on each manual.