Bassets [noun]

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People think that greyhounds cannot hunt by scent, but this man has a tiny black and a large brindle that work like basset-hounds.

As soon as it was light they sent Jim for Dr. Basset, and he gave her a strong dose of morphine.

She appeared to know all that had been done for her, and was very thankful; but Dr. Basset had forbidden her to speak much.

A shady croupier, Morin by name, obliged to leave Paris, came over to London and introduced basset.

As soon as he got home he excommunicated the whole of the inmates of the priory, and along with them Bishop Basset.

A Basset, is one of those Hounds, incapable of having a 'wicked eye.'

The working by an open trench, has for its object to discover the outcropping or basset edges of strata or veins.

Nov. 17th, John Basset had seven ducketts beforehand for his second quarters wages, begynning the 1st.

It is probable that at Winterbourne Basset somewhat the same movement had taken place.

Another aspect of the problem is illustrated by a story of a similar struggle at Wootton Basset, a small borough in Wiltshire.