Bassinets [noun]

Definition of Bassinets:

baby bed

Synonyms of Bassinets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bassinets:


Sentence/Example of Bassinets:

Italian he might be were his bassinet more sloped, but I will swear that those plates were welded betwixt this and Rhine.

A wide-rimmed helm is often represented as worn over or in place of the bassinet, and jewelled and crested.

The babe practically unwashed, the house becomes grimy, and the bed and bassinet nasty.

This completes one diamond, which for a bassinet quilt will be large enough.

The form "bassinet" is used for the hooded wicker cradle or perambulator for babies.

For the edge of a counterpane, nothing can be handsomer than the border and fringe of the bassinet quilt.

She found the oils he was doing,—the picture of her beside the baby's bassinet on the terrace, for instance,—disappointing.

Come, in your order, as ye sit; draw to the bassinet and take out your lot.

The bassinet on the figure to the right is particularly noteworthy.

No; you will not take the bassinet, and you will not take the perambulator.