Bastilles [noun]

Definition of Bastilles:

place for incarceration

Synonyms of Bastilles:

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Sentence/Example of Bastilles:

Father Griffet, a Jesuit, has communicated to the public the journal of the Bastille, which certifies the dates.

As for his age, he himself told the apothecary of the Bastille, a little before his death, that he believed he was about sixty.

For him the world, set spinning on a mad career when the Bastille fell, was moving too slowly again.

When he left the Bastille, he plotted with his willing mistress his revenge upon her father.

In 1698, M. de Saint Mars was made governor of the Bastille.

If this 'Baron de Forstnère' were in the Bastille, let him stay there.

But an unfortunate series of accidents led to my imprisonment for a week in the Bastille.

I knew nothing; and as my manner seemed more reserved and dry than he was accustomed to, I was sent to the Bastille.

The mob at last attacked the Bastille, a formidable fortress where state-prisoners were arbitrarily confined.

Later he challenged Rohan, whose reply came in an order of committal to the Bastille.