Bastinadoes [noun]

Definition of Bastinadoes:

baton for hitting

Synonyms of Bastinadoes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bastinadoes:


Sentence/Example of Bastinadoes:

We had, also, to reckon with the new danger that bastinado floggings might persuade the Greek into betraying us.

He decreed the estate to the cousin, and consoled the other for his loss by inflicting the bastinado.

Signor me no signors, nor casa me no casas: but get you hence, or you are like to taste of the bastinado.

And we saw a Turkish soldier punished with the bastinado,—a sight which did not do me any good, and which made Smith very sick.

Will not that trumpery colonel make up his mind to start soon, if he is so ready to give the bastinado to poor folk?

For a second offense his right ear was cut off and he received the bastinado.

When I next came in sight of the other man some Turkish soldiers had tied him up and were preparing to administer the bastinado.

Through fear of the bastinado, they were reduced to the necessity of changing their manner, and of praising and delighting.

“The bastinado is the best thing in the world for children,” continued the elder, frowning upon his offspring.

The ordinary coercive measure employed in cases of disobedience was the bastinado, according to Eastern custom.