Basting [verb]

Definition of Basting:

moisten during cooking

Synonyms of Basting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Basting:


Sentence/Example of Basting:

Cousin Barbara had seated herself in a low rocking-chair and was pulling the basting threads from a finished garment.

Place a piece of buttered paper over the dish, and bake in a moderate oven till it is tender, basting it frequently.

Replace the birds on the spit, and let them finish roasting, basting them continually alternately with broth and champagne.

I haven't given you a basting since you were fifteen—but I'll paste you one right in the mouth if you don't talk straight talk!

Fie, defile not thy fine workmanly fingers with the feet of kitchenstuff and basting-ladles.

Bake it in a covered pan for two hours, basting it well frequently, then make a gravy and pour over it.

If you are basting with water of course the flour would not brown so quickly.

You will always find that there will be drippings enough from any ordinary cut of meat for the purpose of basting.

You will find that the meat will yield drippings enough for basting.

That had nothing in the pan for basting except the drippings which flowed from the chicken itself.