Bastioned [adjective]

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The city walls, grimly bastioned, ran in bold zigzags across the face of the steep in a way to daunt assailants.

Monroe is a five-bastioned fort of masonry work, and accordingly might be roughly described as a huge pentagon.

It is a very ancient place, set upon a hill and bastioned round with walls that are too high to scale, and were once impregnable.

On the left, in an angle formed by the junction of a rivulet with the St. Lawrence, was a square bastioned fort of stone.

For a dry and level site he recommended a bastioned trace; but for wet ditches and for irregular ground, tenaille traces.

Two demi-bastions with the connecting curtain make the bastioned front, defghi.

They were soon in the majority; perhaps because the symmetry and completeness of the idea The bastioned trace.

The bastioned trace: Flanks facing each other and connected by curtains (fig. 18).

Outside the bastioned and turreted walls of the castle, the new-born city grew up under its protecting shadows.

Crossing the Loire and entering the city, with its ancient bastioned walls, carried one back a good way into the centuries.