Bastions [noun]

Definition of Bastions:

support; fortified place

Synonyms of Bastions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bastions:

Sentence/Example of Bastions:

Since launching in 2018, Parler’s leaders have framed the social network as one of the last bastions of free speech online, building a fan base of annoyed conservatives who argue they had been silenced everywhere else.

Until very recently, the Atlanta area wasn’t a liberal bastion.

This week Bentley, that bastion of British luxury, became the latest OEM to set a date for that happening—the year 2030.

Overnight, they morphed from bastions of leisure into pariahs of the sea, floating hotspots crammed with tourists, sick and well.

The capital city, a liberal bastion, was so inundated by September that it had to cut off applications at 6,000.

Let’s talk Ariel, the heroine of the film, one of the core Disney princesses, and a bastion of compulsory heterosexuality.

None of this should suggest that 1998 Mulan is a bastion of progressivism.

It showed like a hollow bastion, filled with insurgent fire, flung up to heaven.

The principal bas-relief is a huge square panel, graven on the face of a rock bastion which immediately overhangs the stream.

You thought yourself well out of it, and were stopped by a bastion.