Batched [verb]

Definition of Batched:

make ready for transport

Synonyms of Batched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Batched:

Sentence/Example of Batched:

Miller reported that Hogan said no one had raised concerns about the original batch of tests.

The newest batch of vote totals is up, though it only reflects about 65,000 new votes counted and 305,000 remain uncounted.

The recipe makes a large batch, so you can store them in your fridge and use them as-is, or quickly heat them in a dry pan to restore crispness.

Then add a small amount of liquid, about 1 cup for up to 3 pounds of mussels, a bit more for larger batches.

Everything else seems to be secondary, including a batch of earnings beats that investors are largely ignoring, and, in some cases, are punishing.

When she came back she would make tortillas by hand and use a little bit of the masa to make a fresh batch of atole.

One research group, Proofpoint, said its analysis showed one of the batches had nearly 1,500 emails.

Contamination can be difficult to eliminate once it occurs, and the batch that failed had gone through the same lab spaces as the one that passed.

It began releasing it in giant batches on July 22, three days before the Democratic presidential convention began.

Try this wheel out on your next batch of dessert bars for an unbelievably easy cut.