Batches [noun]

Definition of Batches:

group of same objects

Synonyms of Batches:

Opposite/Antonyms of Batches:

Sentence/Example of Batches:

We had a good deal of difficulty at first in making bread and several batches were very "heavy" failures.

It had spread now from bishops and priests to the people itself, and the sufferers were sent in batches to the flames.

The Jesuits were tracked by pursuivants and spies, dragged from their hiding-places, and sent in batches to the Tower.

But alas, my agricultural force is diminishing,—the small boys are leaving in batches.

They had been interviewed in batches, and old Mr. Sanderson, the senior partner, had taken the first batch.

Not "it" indeed, but them; for there were three batches of from six to ten youngsters each during the course of the season.

Divide it into small batches, and then flavor and color it or work melted chocolate into it.

Such modifications have therefore been introduced as make for uniformity between the different batches of media.

He seemed to have a number of correspondents who sent him weekly batches of news from surrounding points.

Our lads who were wounded came down the road in batches of twos and threes to the dressing stations.