Bateaux [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bateaux:

This time his mother, his old Frances, had been dragged into the infamous joke of the "Bateau de fleurs."

Malgr les efforts du bateau de sauvetage et des lignes envoyes au moyen du fusil porte-amarre, quatre hommes et le mousse ont pri.

One day there came up the river a bateau from Tadoussac, bringing the news that the ice was all out of the St. Lawrence.

Much surprised, Mandy Ann knelt upright and 57 looked out over the edge of the bateau.

Meanwhile the bateau had swept down swiftly, and passed them at a distance of not more than a hundred yards.

Mandy Ann shook out her red skirt and her yellow curls, and set down the big covered basket on the bottom of the bateau.

Sitting down again upon the bottom of the bateau, she sadly sought to revive her interest in the “Chaney House.”

It was unjarred by the pitching of the fiercer rapids which the bateau presently encountered.

Then commenced the era of bateau navigation, and the advent of a peculiar race of men, of whom now no trace remains.

But the adelantado positively refused to let the Frenchmen have his shallop or bateau.