Bathed [verb]

Definition of Bathed:

wash with water and, usually, soap

Synonyms of Bathed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bathed:

Sentence/Example of Bathed:

Whether you opt for wet or dry may be a matter of preference in the end, but it’s worth noting a few cons of shaving in the bath.

Our favorite small business to buy luxurious bath treats from is Adrina Dietra’s apothecary, but Etsy is packed to the gills with other options from indie makers, too.

Centuries-old hammams — public baths — in Morocco’s Fez have been retrofitted with solar panels so they can double up as giant batteries.

The jury is still out on whether CBD actually helps with topical pain relief or relaxation, but these sachets of bath tea are irrefutably soothing either way.

The bitter acid in them can be easily removed by cracking them into pieces and soaking the acorn nut meat chunks in repeating baths of warm water, one hour at a time, until the bitter is gone.

She bathed Madame Ratignolle's face with cologne, while Robert plied the fan with unnecessary vigor.

Not a zephyr ruffled the leaf of a rose, and a soft breathing fragrance bathed his reposing senses.

The mountain ranges were bathed in sunshine and the scarred and seamy face of stern old Errigal seemed almost to smile.

She rose impatiently and bathed her eyes before ringing for the maid to lace her for dinner—it was long past tea-time.

He was completely bathed in cold perspiration, an almost certain sign of death, since a heavy fever had taken possession of him.