Bathes [verb]

Definition of Bathes:

wash with water and, usually, soap

Synonyms of Bathes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bathes:

Sentence/Example of Bathes:

"To bathe in the very heart's blood of the one desired," he added with grave emphasis.

He helped her to light the lamp; then she went into her room to take off her hat and to bathe her face and hands.

If a Hindoo happens to touch a Paria as he is passing, he thinks himself defiled, and is obliged to bathe immediately.

Once I had taken him to bathe in the river; this was summer vacation and several boys came with me to help.

He had gone to bathe in the river, had slipped too far out, and not knowing how to swim had almost been drowned.

A great number of pilgrims come here to bathe, as the water is considered particularly sacred at this spot.

After morning school, on fine days, the boys used to run straight down to the shore and bathe.

If I am quite well, I sometimes go out and bathe in the river before lunch, twelve.

And getting up abruptly, he left the room, to be alone in his study, and bathe his swollen and aching face.

No, it won't, not of itself; but I have got a capital lotion for bruises, and I shall bathe it for you.