Bathoses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bathoses:

In the Guildhall yard the cab would happen, if it happened at all, naturally and without any effect of bathos.

The arrangement of the words or clauses in a descending order is called anticlimax or bathos.

To say that the morsels fetched their weight in gold would be the reverse of exaggeration—mere bathos.

"The ghost of God," I answered, in what she must have thought a tone of bathos!

He is prone to eccentric flights, to bathos and absurdities.

The bathos of this anti-climax to martyrdom was too grotesque.

The plot shows none of those alarming pieces of incongruity and bathos which have marred some of her stories.

When balked by the subtlety of a competitor in trade, by their bathos they contrive to break a match.

On another occasion he described the square as "the nation's last phase of artistic bathos."

Pictures of poets in garrets will soon not be understood; bathos will be at a premium!