Bathrobes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bathrobes:

In pajamas and bathrobe, I stalked down the stairs and into the room that had once been a kitchen and now was Greco's laboratory.

She was wearing a blue bathrobe several sizes too large for her, instead of the poncho things the slaves in the hallway wore.

She was muffled to the ears in a heavy bathrobe, so shapeless and opaque that its big sleeves hid her very hands.

The divan would have honored a palace, and Willie's pajamas were of silk, and his bathrobe was of brocaded silk.

Im getting into my bathrobe the quickest I can, and Doris kicked a shoe under the bed.

Here Louise appeared, in the brown bathrobe, with its hood pulled up over her head, and sandals on.

She threw on a heavy bathrobe and kept it on when she crept into the icy interstice between the all-too-snowy sheets.

His hand slid into the pocket of his bathrobe, closed on the paper there, and crumpled it.

The captain put on his bathrobe, then went to the window and sat down there.

The key he had found in the pocket of the old man's bathrobe lay beside it.