Bathrooms [noun]

Definition of Bathrooms:

room for bathing, toilet use

Synonyms of Bathrooms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bathrooms:


Sentence/Example of Bathrooms:

Note, that these bins are not very large, but that being said at 29 by 25 by 13 inches could fit in most smaller bathrooms.

You’d be right to be angry if you found a friend had set up secret cameras in their bathrooms, but they could do so even if it was sort of hard to explain why in court.

It either got into the house from the ground floor, climbed the steps, made a beeline to the bathroom, and somehow climbed up the sheer tile wall to get to the window sill where it could startle my wife.

They’d look handsome as hand towels in a bathroom, or hanging on the oven door in the kitchen.

Bring the salon experience to your own bathroom with this professional-grade, cult-favorite scalp scrub.

Liddle had stopped at The Gas Station convenience store in Sainte Marie, in Jasper County, so his then 4-year-old son could use the bathroom.

Real estate destinations including Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia will tell you how many bathrooms a property has, provide walkability scores for the surrounding neighborhood, and estimate mortgage payments.

That lasted until right after coffee the first morning, when we realized just how much gas-station bathrooms and trailhead pit toilets were part of our dirtbag routine.

Haedicke argues that those workers are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus — often living in dorm housing, with shared bathrooms.

The group helped get gender-neutral bathrooms on the campus.