Baths [noun]

Definition of Baths:

washing with water and, usually, soap

Synonyms of Baths:

Opposite/Antonyms of Baths:


Sentence/Example of Baths:

But some one, perhaps it was Robert, thought of a bath at that mystic hour and under that mystic moon.

Then said Nqong from his bath in the salt-pan, "Come and ask me about it to-morrow, because I'm going to wash."

When partially exhausted the aluminum shutters are dipped into a bath of shellac.

Enjoying the keen physical pleasure of it, he thought what a wholly delightful thing was a hot bath after a day's hard hunting.

With a desperate effort of the will he hurled himself out of the bath and threw open the window.

All the toilet arrangements were perfect, and each room had a recess in which was a large enamelled bath.

It is well to have a bath ready, should your guest desire that refreshment after the dust and heat of traveling.

After the second bath, I felt much better, and after the sixth, I was completely recovered.

There is no ruined fortress or castle in Bath, with its regulation lot of legends.

Like Bath, it is famous for its springs, and a large share of its population is made up of retired officers of the army and navy.