Bathyscaphes [noun]

Definition of Bathyscaphes:

one-person diving apparatus

Synonyms of Bathyscaphes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bathyscaphes:


Sentence/Example of Bathyscaphes:

I'm talking about the bathyscaphe that ought to be in Manila any day now.

And maybe you should tell them about the Pelorus and the bathyscaphe.

The yacht seemed to tiptoe away from the scene of the bathyscaphe's destruction.

Why assume that whatever attacked the bathyscaphe did it of its own accord?

"I'm trying to picture myself going down in a bathyscaphe," said Terry hastily.

They're sending the bathyscaphe down unmanned, to test all apparatus before a manned dive.

"The Pelorus says she'll be ready to send the bathyscaphe down for a test dive in two hours," he reported.

The yacht went past no more than fifty yards away, just as the bathyscaphe left the water and swung clear.

The bathyscaphe had cost more money than is usually allotted to most scientific researchers, and now it was smashed.