Battalions [noun]

Definition of Battalions:

military division

Synonyms of Battalions:

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Sentence/Example of Battalions:

But one battalion was isolated on a spur, from which there seemed no way of escape save under a scorching flank fire.

Two-thirds of each Battalion were sound asleep in pools of mud and water—like corpses half buried!

On my way back to the beach I saw the Plymouth Battalion as it marched in from the front line.

Lannes enlisted in the second battalion of the volunteers of Gers, and was at once elected sub-lieutenant by his fellow-citizens.

Finally a second battalion of infantry arrived under the command of Colonel Stotsenberg, who was very popular with his men.

At dawn half a battalion of Turks tried to make the attack along the top of the cliff and were entirely wiped out.

As we came to each Battalion Headquarters we were told, "These are the remnants of the——," whatever the unit was.

He retained a few picked men from each battalion, to be used as light troops and pioneers.

As briefly as possible the former major of the school battalion related what had occurred at Point View Lodge.

"I don't believe it," came firmly from the former major of the school battalion.