Battens [verb]

Definition of Battens:

fasten securely

Synonyms of Battens:

Opposite/Antonyms of Battens:

Sentence/Example of Battens:

Home, there hear that my Lady Batten had given my wife a visit (the first that ever she made her), which pleased me exceedingly.

Then to supper at Sir W. Batten's again, where my wife by chance fell down and hurt her knees exceedingly.

Here we sat late, and so home to bed, having got my Lady Batten to give me a spoonful of honey for my cold.

Rider told the first of his own knowledge; and both he and Sir W. Batten confirm the last.

All the morning at the office, Sir W. Batten being come to town last night.

So up and to supper with Sir W. Batten upon a soused mullett, very good meat, and so home and to bed.

Thence down to see some good plank in the river with Sir W. Batten and back again, it being a very cold day and a cold wind.

He helped to close and batten the fore-hatch, and later performed similar service on the hatch aft.

Evidently he was not one of those who grow plump on jail regime and batten under the shadow of the scaffold.

The instinct of self-preservation warned him to batten down his hatches, to smother the fire with want of air.