Batters [noun]

Definition of Batters:

mixture before baking

Synonyms of Batters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Batters:

Sentence/Example of Batters:

It’s served alongside fried chicken, anther quintessentially southern favorite – but the batter is spiked with miso.

Greater fastball velocity often makes batters more susceptible to swinging and missing at breaking balls and changeups too, which, in deGrom’s case, travel faster than some pitchers’ fastballs.

The surface is ideal for sliding and tossing crepe batter with ease.

This griddle comes with a wooden batter spreader and spatula to help you get your crepe cooking in seconds.

Pitchers can differ in their ability to convert spin into movement that helps get batters out.

A couple of boys began to batter the wall; others, approaching the windows, climbed up and pressed their faces against the panes.

Bud turned his hotcakes with a vicious flop that spattered more batter on the stove.

All might have gone well had not the cover come off unexpectedly and allowed half the contents of the can to go into the batter.

The Scots retired into their castle, which Norris proceeded to batter with two heavy guns brought from the ship.

"Bring all your guns to bear upon the city and batter it down," was the order issued to General Hunt, chief of artillery.