Battled [verb]

Definition of Battled:

fight, struggle

Synonyms of Battled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Battled:

Sentence/Example of Battled:

On she battled, already feeling weak and tired; but always the thought of home waiting for her impelled her onward.

A gasping spasm seized the man, and he battled again for his breath.

His voice stopped in a gasp, and for a minute he battled for his breath.

For several moments he stood with bowed head while impulse battled with good judgment.

Battled in all his attempts, he read on: "'I saw him in his way through Dublin last night,' Who can he possibly mean?"

Anselm had successfully battled with the rationalism of Roscelin, and also had furnished a new argument for the existence of God.

Bravely Helen battled, but her strength was insufficient to maintain the struggle long.

But the youth and maiden still battled on bravely, never losing sight of one another.

All through the night as he had battled for the life of his patient, he had thought of her, who must battle with the world.

Outside the rain was rushing and the wind was blowing, and plain little Miss Matthews battled with the storm.