Battlefield [noun]

Definition of Battlefield:

location of military fights

Synonyms of Battlefield:

Opposite/Antonyms of Battlefield:


Sentence/Example of Battlefield:

Rapidity of action and a self-confidence which on the battlefield never felt itself beaten were the cause of Murat's success.

Pultusk and Eylau bore witness to his bravery and address on the battlefield, and Napoleon began to relent.

The first thought of a soldier as he sinks dying or wounded on the battlefield is of home and the loved ones.

The town itself was used as a battlefield and many of the individual houses were completely destroyed.

Because of its recumbent position, symbolic of General Lee resting on a battlefield cot, this statue is considered most unique.

Went on board and sailed for Headquarters, through darkness made visible by the fires blazing on the battlefield.

Understand me, I'm not thinking of quitting; I merely want to look over the battlefield first.

And until the very eve of victory, we treated Handitch not so much as a battlefield as a hoarding.

The conquered remain on the battlefield, nearly broken in two, and feebly waving their paws, till they slowly expire in agonies.

To the brave Alabama boys, our opponents on this battlefield, whose memory we honor, this tablet is dedicated.