Battlefronts [noun]

Definition of Battlefronts:

military area of war

Synonyms of Battlefronts:

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Sentence/Example of Battlefronts:

The grumbling of the big guns on the battlefront was almost continuous, day and night.

The battle cruisers have six decks, extending from end to end, and are so extensive that they almost constitute a battlefront.

This comparison to a battlefront on land becomes interesting when consideration of it is further pursued.

Compiegne, the northern support of the French battlefront during the early part of June, goes back to Roman days.

The battlefront now forms a vast triangle, the apex pointing markedly toward Chteau-Thierry and less markedly toward Dormans.

On May 31 Mr. Perris described the extension of the battlefront during the preceding twenty-four hours.

Above all he would try twice as hard as he otherwise would have done, to get out of this predicament and get to the battlefront.

The Americans are coming into the battlefront, and will presently be there in force.

At midnight on May 26 the battlefront was ten miles away from Soissons.

I hardly believe that you will find it necessary to make a radical change in your battlefront.