Battlements [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Battlements:

Underneath the broad terrace, from which troops could defend the battlements, stood a row of storerooms and go-downs.

The walls of the castle are wonderfully complete, every tower and turret retaining its old-time battlements.

The pleasant green hills gave place to imprisoning mesas, with red sides that looked like battlements.

He scrambled back to the road and walked onward a little faster, until the battlements of Lagash came in sight.

They are composed of free-stone, are flanked at regular distances with square towers, and surmounted with battlements.

They will pull down with their trunks battlements, and uproot trees, standing erect upon their hind feet.

Her attendants openly wept as she proceeded with a dignified step to the frowning battlements of her destination.

Where the battlements had once frowned, now stood sheaves of smiling corn, golden and nodding in the wind and the sun.

But it is so exciting to imagine that an old, old Baron of Wallersttten might wander around the battlements in his armor.

The broker held firm, assisted by the battlements of the church.