Battlers [noun]

Definition of Battlers:

person who fights in combat

Synonyms of Battlers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Battlers:


Sentence/Example of Battlers:

The Lamb of God, the doe-eyed martyr to vicarious atonement, vanished, and in his place stood a virile battler for human rights.

The fellow with the canker at his heart is not the battler but the envious shirker who is too "proud" to risk a fall.

The Battler moved his gloves in quick little circles and the noise from the crowd stopped.

His fist struck only the air and the Battler, his lips drawn back, his eyes blazing, crashed into him.

He rushed and saw a look of surprise cross the Battler's face as he dodged to one side.

He swung his right with all the strength he had in him and grunted as he felt it sink into the Battler's stomach.

The Battler swayed far to the right, the glove of his right hand almost touching the floor.

The Battler brushed it aside and as John fell forward in a last desperate effort to clinch, his right went over.

He started a counter-blow with his right and the Battler's fist rose high and crashed against his jaw.

"Ya didn't seem to know when ya had enough da night ya mixed it with da Battler," said Murphy.