Battles [noun]

Definition of Battles:

military fight

Synonyms of Battles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Battles:

Sentence/Example of Battles:

Its record is largely that of battles and sieges, of the brave adventure of discovery and the vexed slaughter of the nations.

Regular pitched battles were fought with sticks and staves and stones.

"He fought many battles and gained them all," and was for a brief period king of the country.

It was now evident that Aguinaldo had no intention to come to close quarters and bring matters to a crisis by pitched battles.

A record of the last of the old prizefighters, who fought to a finish many battles in the old prize ring.

An Irish officer had the misfortune to be dreadfully wounded in one of the late battles in Holland.

Meanwhile her flesh-and-blood child had to fight her battles with the landlord and tradesmen.

With his usual daring, trusting to the unsurpassed élan of his troops, he fought battles at Onao and Busseerutgunge.

He was at many of the severest battles of the war, and throughout the entire campaign rendered no little service to his country.

Upon him who braves the consequences, and fights his country's battles for his country's sake.