Battleships [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Battleships:

The tailor of the fairy tale with his "seven at a blow" is not in it with the gunnery Lieutenant of a battleship.

A Turkish battleship joined in from the Hellespont, dropping about twenty 11.2-inch shells into our lines.

One of these could tear a gaping hole in the side of a battleship and send it, with all on board, to the bottom.

He takes this as a pretty strong hint to push through, or, to make some sort of a battleship attack to support us.

In that position neither the forward nor stern blasters of the battleship could touch it.

The maneuvering continued, the cruiser drawing closer to the battleship.

"You did it—you captured the battleship," Narth said, his tone like one dazed.

I want to have you stand up there where the other battleship was, and watch.

No man can be a good captain of a battleship, for instance, until he has spent many years mastering the necessary knowledge.

Among others, the great battleship Marlborough was hit by a torpedo, as is confirmed by the statements of prisoners.