Batty [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Batty:

Then against the glass I saw the face, and it gave me such a turn that I thought I must be going batty.

Everybody does go batty that's high-brow and studies and all that drool.

Finally, as the girls started forward again, Grace much relieved in mind, Sam Batty pulled out his handkerchief and waved it.

Now uncle Oscur and me would have to know long time befoar han about batty kates but miss Helun just waltzed in and made em.

"Thought he was going to leave," croaked Batty, nodding towards the wood-pile as he took the glass extended towards him.

As he moved around inside setting things to rights, Batty Carson held up a finger and winked.

For a day or two he made feeble efforts to follow Batty Carson's example.

For a long time Batty stood in the door looking out over the darkening desert.

Lighting a cigar, Batty unfolded a camp stool which was leaning against one of the guy ropes, and seated himself.

Then as a conscious red began to burn up through the tan of Jimmy's weather-beaten face, Batty understood.