Baubles [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Baubles:

The object had something of the form of a jester's bauble with points, which hung flabby and undulating.

A shout of laughter burst from the mob, and the clown flourished his bauble and bowed acknowledgments from side to side.

His eyes dimmed as they conveyed to him the image of his still beloved Imperatorskoye—he pressed the bauble to his lips.

Rising, Bon Vouloir, amid the exclamations of the court, claimed the privilege that went with the bauble.

Never anything but trouble has followed in the wake of that unhappy bauble of vanity since it first put in its appearance.

And Barberou having removed the covering of the little Virgin: A pilgrimage bauble!

Pausing now in the quiet, secluded path, he deliberately touched the spring of the pretty bauble.

The Fool (Motley: with a bauble long enough to put over his shoulder and be held by the one behind in the mumming circle).

Rather than allow such matchless beauty to be absolutely thrown away, I bade for the bauble.

Some of them have been won by a mess of pottage, a mere bauble or a gewgaw.