Bauds [noun]

Definition of Bauds:

data transmission rate

Synonyms of Bauds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bauds:


Sentence/Example of Bauds:

She dwells in the wilds of the Baud State and is supposed to fulfil all the desires of the Sudhs.

I didna gae slapdash to them wi' our young bra' bridegroom, to gar them baud up the market.

I am sure I am no to baud out for ever against this sort of going on; but when folk's missed, then they are moaned.'

"Baud mens, sahib," said Tippoo, clutching his forehead with one hand and bowing forward.

Me play gose, sahib, but not to scare de good white mans—only de baud white mans.

General Baud's horse was shot down, and the General thrown far over his head, but he jumped up and ran alongside of us.

Thou canst not chuse but utter thy rare good parts; thou wast an excellent baud I acknowledge.

The architect of the chapel and catacombs is Mr. Benjamin Baud.

Besides, the confession may be but fair, to baud the blame frae bein laid at the door o' some innocent man!

They had been ambushed scarce four hours from Quebec by a baud of marauding Oneidas.