Bawdiest [adjective]

Definition of Bawdiest:

vulgar, dirty

Synonyms of Bawdiest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bawdiest:

Sentence/Example of Bawdiest:

Four engravings and at least six pamphlets, all focusing on the bawdy house story, were shortly in circulation.

Eight men marched one evening into Llanyglo, bawling a bawdy chorus, with Sam Kerr showing the way.

I ha lost by her squeamishness, more than would have builded twelve bawdy-houses.

"That was Belle Cora, who keeps that bawdy house up town," Nesbitt volunteered.

A riotous twenty years in night saloons and bawdy houses had left him a kindly, choleric, and respected newspaper figure.

A long-faced virgin trapped in a bawdy house and calling in valiant tones for a glass of lemonade.

The mates own stories were usually bawdy; he always prefaced them with some unmanageable hilarity, which impeded his start.

And I my selfe know certaine bawdy Marchants, amongst whom peradventure one will give us summes of gold for her.

Stay, Carlos; I am afraid you know something more of this bawdy business than you confess.

The place was just big enough to have a good population of gambling joints, bawdy houses and drunk-rollers.