Bawds [noun]

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Cartedcarried in a cart through the streets, by way of punishment or public exposure (especially as the punishment of a bawd).

Bawd prior to 1700 was a term applied to men as well asand, indeed, more frequently thanto women.

At which the Bawd look'd a little strangely upon him; I help you to one, Sir, said she?

You may depend upon it, says the Bawd, that sh'll comply; but you must Fee her pretty high, or it won't do.

If I go out into the street and strike down a bawd—a thing lower than the lowest animal and more noxious—I hang.

The noble bawd, however, is an artificial creation of literature and never could be a biolog.

I'll be his Bawd an't please you, young and wholesome I can assure ye he shall have.Eum.

He swears valiantly, kicks a bawd right virtuously, and protests with an empty pocket right desperately.

For my part, I have once escaped; and when I wed again, may she be—ugly, as an old bawd.

Steal privately down by the back-door, lest some knavish boy spy thee, and call thine age Bawd.