Bawlings [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bawlings:

It affected Bud unpleasantly, just as the incessant bawling of a band of weaning calves used to do.

"Chinese labour," yelled a voice, and across the square swept a wildfire of booting and bawling.

Eight men marched one evening into Llanyglo, bawling a bawdy chorus, with Sam Kerr showing the way.

Long before we came in sight of the twin tents we heard a deep voice bawling our names.

Even to his practiced hand the restoration of order was not easy; but by dint of much bawling and pounding he subdued the uproar.

I would some one would draw a razor across thy windpipe, thou bawling ass!

And perhaps he little thinks how that bawling and scolding, between him and his Wife, is spread abroad.

Three of them were forced to their knees bawling with sudden fright and pain.

If there were another thing to open, I should be bawling in earnest.

As for Mrs. Gashleigh, you might have heard her bawling over the house the whole day long.