Bawls [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bawls:

In fact, she doesn't seem happy till she gets it and I suspect that if I missed it any morning she would bawl for it.

At first she wouldn't allow any one but me to milk her and would bawl if I attended to any of the other cows first.

They sometimes, on particular occasions, would sing or bawl out something like a rude tune; but we could not understand it.

We would jibe one another, laugh at a fellow to his chagrin, and when we were angry bawl each other out unmercifully.

Sharp and lively, I mean; not bawl, and answer over your back—most part impudence, and nothing else—and then out of hearing.

Bart writhed and bit his lip till he could taste blood, wishing he were young enough to bawl out loud.

All the time I could hear the fierce baying and yelping of the hounds, and occasionally I heard a savage bawl from the bear.

I believe my soul you are going to bawl about a small matter of food.

He could bawl and bully, shout, and behave worse than badly.

There came a piping bawl from inside the door: "That Formalyn?"