Bays [noun]

Definition of Bays:

shoreline indentation

Synonyms of Bays:

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Sentence/Example of Bays:

Even as IT firms bring back between 10% and 30% of their workforce, it might be a while before their campuses go back to full capacity with buzzing cafeterias and noisy bays.

When performing medical exams, astronauts won’t have the starship Enterprise’s sick bay at their disposal.

These cells normally keep clots at bay so that blood can flow smoothly.

The mucus marvels rise out of the heads of four species of spineless, roughly tadpole-shaped giant larvaceans living in the twilight depths of the bay.

Kelp forests were on average 20 times larger in areas where sea otters have lived for decades on Vancouver Island, compared with bays where the otters were absent, Watson and her colleagues found.

First a shower of shells dropping all along the lower ridges and out over the surface of the Bay.

These have canted bay windows below them, and their pediments are surmounted by figures representing Mercury and Athæne.

Three men were sentenced to grow potatoes at Botany Bay the rest of their lives.

There are two principal bays of vast size, one called the gulf of St. Lawrence, the other French bay.

But this port (to obviate misunderstanding) is not on the Ocean lying eastward, but on that gulf which I have called French bay.