Bazaars [noun]

Definition of Bazaars:

fair; sale place

Synonyms of Bazaars:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bazaars:


Sentence/Example of Bazaars:

You can find physicians and medical services in what Kharraz describes as a bazaar of sorts for medicine and related information.

Plants use one of the oldest tricks in life’s playbook—free food—to ensure that the rhizosphere remains a bustling biological bazaar.

They clattered through the outlying bazaar without disturbing a soul.

The standard of the Prophet was raised in the bazaar and a fanatical mob rallied round it.

The high-spirited girl had no idea of being thus disposed of in the matrimonial bazaar.

The pretty houses and the rich shops must be sought for in the bye streets near the bazaar.

I was obliged to put up my bed in the middle of the bazaar under an open verandah.

By far its most picturesque feature (not excepting even the mosque courtyards) is its great Bazaar.

So the water-seller ran to bear the message, and the porter took the chest and bore it to the bazaar.

While they were thus engaged, who should come into the bazaar but Nat Cringle, and with him their old friend the Irish diver?