Beaching [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Beaching:

Beaching it, the policeman pointed to a man standing at the bar, gulping down a glass of liquor.

On the 3rd of February they came to an anchor off an island well suited for beaching the ship.

Turning to look, he was astonished to see that a Webster City police patrol boat was beaching on the island.

Before leaving the sea-coast, Corts with great resolution destroyed the greater part of his ships by beaching them.

As it was just past the flood, the man and boy had little difficulty in beaching their vessel far up toward high water-mark.

If we meet disaster in the channels, we have a prompter at our elbow to advise a favourable beaching.

Beaching the canoe, the Cubs searched and finally found a long, fairly straight stick which could be used as a measuring rod.

Everybody goes to the sea-front to witness the beaching of the boats and to watch the unloading.

The wheels are an immense assistance in beaching the canoe and getting her above high-water mark, when there is but one voyager.

Beaching her canoe, she strolled to and fro for a while; then she sat down.