Beaconed [verb]

Definition of Beaconed:

guide, direct on a course

Synonyms of Beaconed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beaconed:



Sentence/Example of Beaconed:

The other becomes a sonar-like beacon to aid navigation by underwater robots and more.

Lighthouse now serves as a beacon for warning you when your project includes old and or vulnerable code.

Despite those challenges, Marqus, who unexpectedly passed away in June at 36, was a beacon of hope for the sickle cell community.

Very quickly O’Meara’s 113-word prose poem became a communal beacon of hope, attracting the attention of Oprah and opera and thousands more.

From Earth, this beam appears as a radio beacon flickering on and off.

The terrible look had returned to his face with an added fire that beaconed a revengeful intention.

A gleam of his ancient wilfulness beaconed a moment in Wat's eye.

Day after day the sun flamed; night after night the moon beaconed, or the stars paraded their lustrous regiment.

People who are yet about gather in little groups, and talk in low tones as they look over the dark, watchfire-beaconed gulf.

As they crossed, the light grew, and the gas-lamps of Tyre beaconed with fading gleam.