Beaconing [verb]

Definition of Beaconing:

guide, direct on a course

Synonyms of Beaconing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beaconing:



Sentence/Example of Beaconing:

As a pulsar rotates, it sweeps a beam of radio waves around in space like a lighthouse, which appears to Earth as a radio beacon flickering on and off.

To my astronomy-riddled graduate brain, Michael was a beacon to a promised land of scientific wonders without borders.

If someone with whom you’ve exchanged beacons reports a positive coronavirus test, the system alerts you so you can get checked yourself.

Personal locator beacons employ satellites to transmit a help signal.

Trebek and the show — the two difficult now to divorce — were a beacon of democratic ideals, flattening the world for all to consume.

The bright stars themselves might be the best markers to exploit, together with our own sun forming a navigational beacon.

Much international polling and commentary in recent years suggests that the US is losing its power to communicate, and is no longer seen as a cultural or political beacon.

My heart cleaved the eternity of separation, beaconing my sad return to them, and I followed gladly, hope being not yet dead.

The light of a great love shone out of the wonderful deeps of them, beaconing the way clear into the haven of her heart.

They hold and send forth the beaconing flash from every intellectual and loving light-house in the world.