Beagles [noun]

Definition of Beagles:

private investigator

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Sentence/Example of Beagles:

Those who desire the results of keen observation on the subject should turn to Darwin's "Voyage of the Beagle."

Abram Beagle was likewise, and before he married Mrs. Rhodes, a contractor on the road.

He tells how an opportunity was given him of reading the proofs of Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle.

In more modern times, another fatality occurred during the expedition of the Adventure and Beagle, 1832.

It has been seen how he read the proof-sheets of the Voyage of the 'Beagle' while still in his last year of medical study.

Ay, the little spy has taken it in charge—Oh, here comes the very beagle.

Disappointed in this, however, he at length released them all, save three who voluntarily remained on board the Beagle.

So proceeding thither in his old ship, the Beagle, once more in commission, he carried his Fuegian protégés along with him.

Captain Fitz-Roy of the "Beagle" was a disciplinarian, and absolute in his authority, as a sea-captain must be.

Dr. Hagen rattled the data sheet in his hands and blinked behind his pince-nez like a friendly beagle.