Beaked [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Beaked:

He has been teasing my parrot in its cage, and has plucked so many of its feathers that it now looks like a beaked rat.

Lancaster gulped, shifting his feet and looking awkwardly at the small gray-feathered body and the beaked owl-face.

Lightly beaked at the nether extremity, it drooped towards an enormous cigar which was pointing at us like a gun just discharged.

It is beaked, thrown into few or several ridges, with the slits or holes for breathing principally on the right side.

The calyptra is half-cleft, and the lid conical and shortly beaked.

The terga differ from those of B. lvis, chiefly in the spur being narrower, and in the apex being beaked.

Terga, with the apex beaked, beak triangular, dull purple; the longitudinal furrow is so shallow as hardly to exist.

Tergum rather narrow, with the apex produced or beaked; the beak is purplish and flat.

The upper part of the tergum is not beaked, and does not project freely much above the sack.

The valve is beaked, with an unusually large internal tube for the thread of corium: the beak, however, is often worn away.