Beakers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Beakers:

As if abstractedly, he now took up the beaker, pledged madame with his glance, and drank.

But—my cigar has reached its last dying speech, and there is but a drop left in the beaker.

The king to the brim filled a beaker with wine: “I beg of thee drink to me, dear sister mine!”

The string was then fastened around the beaker as shown, and the whole suspended from a shelf.

The boy took the beaker, but being openly on bad terms with the elves, argued no good to himself from such an offering.

One night, as he was thus amusing himself, a mannikin came up to him and offered him drink in a silver-gilt beaker.

Instantly the whole company vanished; but he heard a doleful voice exclaiming: “My silver beaker, my silver beaker!”

Well, if you don't mind, we'll have the beaker, and pass 'en round; 'tis better than heling it out in dribbles.

Shake some of the sample (a couple of teaspoonfuls) in a beaker half full of water.

There was part of Number One boat, with a beaker o' water an' a ham from the cabin stores.