Beaks [noun]

Definition of Beaks:

nose of animal

Synonyms of Beaks:

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Sentence/Example of Beaks:

In the British Virgin Islands, O’Connell watched as 60 flamingoes held their necks erect and beaks high, moving their heads in a back-and-forth pattern called head-flagging.

The bendable nose bridge also allowed me to dial in the fit above my beak so it wouldn’t slip down.

A new fossil find reveals an unexpected bird from that time—one with a whopping, great toucan-like beak.

That’s a big contrast with modern birds, which have a wild variety of beak shapes befitting their many different ecological niches.

The new fossil is a nicely preserved head of a crow-sized bird with a strikingly long, tall and narrow beak.

Here there was a scuffling sound in the basket, and the Roc rapped on the cover with her hard beak, and cried, "Hush!"

Jehosophat kicked at him with his wet feet, and tried to grab the fat red nose that hung down over the turkey's beak.

A little tar and ashes in his beak was a greater kindness to him than a charge of bird shot.

The peculiarity of their beak consists in the lower mandible being considerably longer than the other into which it shuts.

To prevent the water rushing into its throat as it skims the surface with its beak, the bird is provided with a very small gullet.