Beamed [adjective]

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Arecibo is one of the few facilities on the planet that can blast radar beams to objects in the solar system and successfully pick up a bounce back that could be used to ascertain the structure and movement of those objects.

The cameras can also be used to document the behavior of nocturnal carnivores without disturbing them with beams of light.

On a heavily modified 4x4, the Flex Era 3 will fit inside virtually any aftermarket bumper to serve as a cornering light, augmenting any beams your recipient might already have.

Then, some or all of those beams are trained on a small, carefully designed target.

They fired beams of electrons at ice cores representing different possibilities for Europa’s surface and filmed the results with a video camera.

Initial reports found that the neutrinos arrived 60 nanoseconds sooner than a beam of light would.

Intrigued, the researchers turned their electron beam on samples of pure water ice, as well as water ice mixed with different salts.

Even polished concrete flooring looks great, making drab supervillain labs beam with color and depth.

The researchers asked seven volunteers to cough and speak into laser beams so they could measure the amounts of aerosols and large droplets they produced.

That structure may help the bats steer their sound beam, she and some colleagues have found.