Beamier [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Beamier:

But the good dying prince saw the beautiful beamy face of his lady—love bending over him.

He broke Clessammor's beamy spear in twain; he seized his shining sword.

The rowers seemed to be perspiringly aware that the boat was vast and beamy.

The winter is over and gone; spring has followed with beamy and shadowy, with flowery and showery flight.

Fleet was his foot on the bracken: Patrick of the beamy brow.

And it was always the same round-faced, beamy-looking girl—not Miss Cross-at-first, certainly.

Though a more beamy vessel than the 'Aline,' she had comparatively small displacement, and did not carry her canvas so well.

Yonder are some but budding, as if yet the frost lay on the honey-dew that protects the beamy germs.

They were large beamy boats, of about eight to ten tons, with centre boards.

She was partly decked at the bows like a Ballantrae herring-skiff, beamy and commodious.