Beams [noun]

Definition of Beams:

length of material used as support

Synonyms of Beams:

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Sentence/Example of Beams:

The researchers formed positronium by colliding a beam of positrons with a target, where they met up with electrons.

Droplets spewed from the person’s speech show up neon green in the laser beam, moving like tiny meteor showers.

A laser beam hits the debris in orbit and bounces back to Earth, and ground crews can measure how long that takes to figure out where they are and where they are going, alerting you to possible collisions with other objects.

Meanwhile, the beams going the opposite way have their wavelength compressed by their shorter path.

But, like the cosmic rays, the beams of light have a marginal effect.

Laser beams, microwaves and sound, radio and infrared waves are all being used.

The device then dynamically generates infrared beams, which penetrates tissue and “builds” the structure of the living tissue.

Scientists can use beams of high-energy X-ray photons to study the properties of matter and molecules.

At NASA, Strauss is zapping rocks with laser beams to figure out how old they are.

The latter went immediately to look for his wife, and found her hidden in an attic, hanging to a beam.