Beaneries [noun]

Definition of Beaneries:

short-order restaurant

Synonyms of Beaneries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beaneries:


Sentence/Example of Beaneries:

The old Hugh Braddy would have gone humbly to a one-armed beanery for one black coffee and one doughnut—price, one dime.

Say, I had a lithograph of Buddy and his beanery tip goin' up against an argument like that.

Straight to New York they hie, and lay their goods at the feet of the girl who serves them beans in a beanery.

I used to work in a hash foundry and a beanery, said Nat with a smile.

I've been check boy and oyster man, cashier—now I'm looking out for this particular beanery.

Then, thinking you wouldnt be out for a 197 while, he went into a beanery for a bite and a cup of coffee.

"Stop at a beanery," yelled Bill to our driver, a little old man with round shoulders and a shiny coat.

"Our suits is up to the other beanery," says I, and I was glad of it.